W. Davis & Son, Established in 1880

One of the country's oldest and most respected gold buying companies, we welcome the public to come in and let us make an offer on their gold items at our offices between 10.30am & 5.30pm Monday to Friday at Level 2, 220 Collins St. Melbourne.

Our Pricing Policy

"We display our buying and selling prices, they are updated every ten minutes, and these are the actual prices that we trade at. We do not add or deduct any percentages or apply any fees or commissions. We feel that if anyone that publishes prices and do not honour their prices they are just being dishonest and deceptive and could be in breach of the Fair Trading Act 1999."

The New Gold Rush

"With the gold prices near an all-time high, there's a new gold rush with more and more people selling their unwanted scrap gold and jewellery, and many gold dealers claim they offer the best deals for sellers, using impressive full page ads and slick advertising. Their websites may feature a string of testimonials, sometimes even a charity tie-in. But the actual price is missing."

Our warning to consumers

The dealer should weigh your item and test your item in your plain view so that you can see what you are being paid for. Expect poor prices from gold dealers who don't let you see the step by step results of what they're doing and do not explain how they work out their prices. The majority of gold dealers don't reveal what they pay per ounce or gram for gold. In many cases, sellers could be receiving LESS than 50% of their gold's true market value.

Seller Beware

The world trading markets’ daily gold prices are freely available on the Internet, so scrap gold buyers could easily publish their prices. Instead they will use phrases like ‘highest prices guaranteed’, ‘best prices paid’, ‘100% satisfaction’ or ‘best rates’. It’s almost certainly because their rates are poor.

Fast cash temptation

We advise sellers to consider offers carefully. Many gold dealers use the lure of fast cash to tempt people into selling them their old rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other jewellery, Sellers usually accept the price & they just want their cheque or cash. But in effect, they are subsidising the expensive rents and press ads, and being under paid in the process.

A Better Deal

With so many people seeking quick cash, the gold market is rife with opportunists and dodgy deals. You deserve transparency and honesty. Selling old gold and jewellery can be an emotional commitment, so it's only fair that people get the best treatment possible. We publishes our prices, and without the expensive overheads of being in all major shopping centres or full page ads, and they're often some of the highest prices in this country.


Peter W. Davis,

Owner and Operator of W. Davis & Son
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